Gods of Salt

What is Gods of Salt?

Established in 2015, we are a growing community and are beginning to make our mark on the gaming world. Known for our popular Rust Server and huge Warframe section we have begun branching out into different games.

A Gaming Community

We value your opinion as a player and this is your community, you are able to vote in which direction we are heading.

Make a difference

Be it Graphics, Video Editing, Web Design or Coding we have staff positions and can provide you real-world experience.

Game Servers

We host our own servers, being a member grants you a reserved slot in any of them.

We are always looking for staff, and once you are established as a member you will be given the chance to work your way up the ranks of our community, take charge of your own division and become a Gameleader or help us expand by becoming a Recruiter.

Or if Web/Graphic Design is your thing, we can offer you the chance to become one of our team and gain real-world experience in your field, leading to references for your future jobs.

Anyone from anywhere is welcome to join us, all you need is to click discord to join ^_^.

Our Servers The Clan

Our Clans

Its always nice to be a part of something when you start a new game, we pride ourselves on the skill and size of our clans, and the ability to help new players to a place where they want to be.


Our biggest section after Rust - Warframe has nearly 300 members, run by Scarlet, with tens of thousands of hours between our members, you will always have someone to help you, and teach you the game.

Monster Hunter

Our newest section - Based on Console.

If you ever need a clan on a game, we can help you, our community covers a huge range of games, this means always having someone to play with.

And if by some chance we don't have a section for that game - you are welcome to start and run it yourself - a section and channels will be provided for you, with help if you need it.